Repairing a Dyson DC02

The Dyson DC02 was launched in 1995. It was the first cylinder model sold by Dyson. Its shape was designed in order that it can sit on the stairs when in use.

Similar to the DC01, it used Dual Cyclone technology. It was not terribly popular during its production and did not sell as well as the DC01.

It was replaced in the late 1990s by the DC05. The DC02 is no longer supported by Dyson. However, many spares are still available for them manufactured by the after-market.

The DC02 was available in four models:

  • Standard grey and yellow – the classic Dyson colours.
  • The De Stijl was purple, red and yellow. They only made 20,000 of these.
  • The DC02 Clear was clear blue and green plastic, allowing the user to see its internal components through the casing. These are quite rare machines today.
  • The Antarctica Solo model was white and pale blue. It was made to help raise money for a cancer charity, whilst commemorating Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s trek across Antarctica.
  • The Recyclone – another rare model today – was the first vacuum cleaner to be made of recycled plastic. It was originally intended as a market test for a ‘Recyclone’ rrangeof models, but the idea never caught on. They were coloured green with an organic pigment.

So what is not available? 

DC02 white Antarctic Solo and De Stijl red handles are now obsolete; you can still get after-market grey handles (that will fit). Mint used ones in red or white are commanding a premium nowadays.

The DC02 motor part number 911929-01 is obsolete now. However, a cylinder YDK motor can be shoehorned in there if you know how. There is a tutorial >>here<<.

DC02 cable rewinds are no longer available. Tracking down a used one is the best you will be able to do now.

What is readily available? 

Motors we covered above. DC02 filters are still available. As are hoses and grey and yellow heads. Body parts for the popular colours are still readily available used as well.