When to change the filter on your Dyson Airblade hand dryer

We all love the Dyson Airblade hand dryers.

They make aluminium bodied ones that are the AB01 in Europe and the AB02 in the USA.

They also make some polycarbonate (plastic) bodied ones that are the AB03, AB04, AB07 and AB14 models.

You know that you are in a proper business when you visit a restaurant or a store and they have Dyson Airblades in the toilets.  Nothing else quite cuts the mustard does it?

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

However, like any machine they are not maintenance free.  If you own a Dyson Airblade, you need to know about the filters!

They have filters in there, and like any machine, if you abuse them by not changing the filters, the motor will eventually pack up.

Dyson have always been, shall we say, a little shy about selling the filters. They prefer to sell you a new machine when yours blows up.

It used to be the case that people had to threaten them on social media and threaten to report them to Trading Standards to even get a call back, like this chap did.


However, just recently, after-market Dyson Airblade hand dryer filters became available, so all that silliness is a thing of the past.

However, do you know when to change your Airblade filter?

Take a look at this:

Dyson Hand dryer filter

By the time they look like this, your machine is likely to be overheating, cutting out and left unchecked, it will soon need a new motor.

Check your Airblades once a year, it doesn’t take long to unscrew the access panel and check the condition of your filter.

Better to change the filters periodically as you would with any machine than wait till it is cutting out and overheating.

Dyson Airblade Spares