How to Repair a Dyson DC03

One of the many things you may need to do to your Dyson DC03 is repair the switch.

If you need to access the power switch or the power cord, this guide is going to show you how. 

Sometimes, when you have a loss of power to the machine, the culprit is the power switch or the power cord where it goes into the machine.

This can cause intermittent operation, as if the cord is broken, the contact is also intermittently broken and this may cause your machine to go on and off.

You will need to strip the machine down in order to access either the switch or the power cord, so this is how to do it

The coloured power button is usually yellow or green. 

The button pivots from the back and depresses the switch at the front. It is important to understand this to be able to remove the button without damaging it. 

If you want to remove the button you need to place a slim blade down the side of the switch button at each side to dislodge the pegs from their locators. 

Dyson DC03 Repair

The difficult part of this is knowing exactly where to put your blades at each side, which is why I have showed you above a switch unit removed, but below reassembled with the bottom in place.

You need to exercise caution doing this bit as the plastic of the chassis may crack while you are manipulating it.

DC03 Spare Parts

I like to use a Dyson DC04 switch removal tool to do this; in the photo above this is what I'm using. 

Having removed the button, there is a Torx screw which is size T15 that you must remove. The location can be seen by the arrow in the photograph below.

DC03 parts

Having removed the screw, the switch and cable and housing will all slide out together giving you access to change or repair the cable, or to test or replace the switch and will assist you with all the electrical troubleshooting on your DC03. 

This is always the first thing to look at when you suspect that the motor is blown in your DC03 because in actual fact, despite being small motors, they are very good YDK units and not prone to failure. 

If you can call early 20 years.......

Further Dyson DC03 guides to follow. You can click the banner below if you're interested in buying spares for your Dyson DC03 at great prices online.