Dyson DC14 Advice & Spare Parts

The Dyson DC14 was one of Dyson's best-selling upright vacuum cleaners of all time; even it is believed, surpassing sales of the DC04.

Using what Dyson refer to as 'root eight cyclone technology' to ensure the machine maintains constant suction, they are a reliable and dependable machine. They are still popular today despite being discontinued by Dyson in January 2012.

If you are experiencing loss of suction in your Dyson DC14, frequently the culprit is a break in the back telescopic hose. To find out if this is the cause of the problem with your machine or a simple blockage, follow the full length of the hose trying to locate any blockage and looking for splits.

This sounds difficult, but really it's isn't. If you find a problem with your hose being split, it is a very cheap replacement part and something you can easily fit yourself in a couple of minutes.

Visually, the Dyson DC14 is rather similar to the DCO4 and DC07 that preceded it. It does have a different design cyclone assembly and bin though. 

Dyson DC14

The DC14 is typically quieter in operation than its older contemporaries, but keeps the familiar Dyson motor noise due to its powerful 1400 or 1600 watt motor.

Having said this, if your DC14 starts to make excessive noise, smoke or a bad electrical smell from the motor area, it may be a sign that the motor is about to expire. A DC14 replacement motor is not expensive.

If you are reasonably competent practically, changing the motor is not the end of the world.

You no longer need to approach Dyson UK for any spares. Aftermarket supply is such that everything you need for your DC14 is widely available after-market. 

As with anything, generally speaking, sites like eBay and Amazon are to be avoided as a source of components as sellers there mostly sell on price point with a corresponding low quality. Better to look towards a Dyson specialist independent part supplier, who knows the quality and veracity of what they sell.

The DC14 was available in many variants including the yellow origin, which doesn't have a clutch, the DC14 all floors (which does have a clutch) along with the better-known allergy and animal models. Not to mention several special editions.

The DC14 is a versatile and capable vacuum cleaner, that looked after should last many years.

An independent Dyson specialist is the best place to buy your tools, your hoses and motors or anything you may need for your DC14.

Despite the fact that Dyson offer very limited support for the DC14 nowadays, using an independent parts specialist is going to help you keep your Dyson in your family for many many years to come. It negates the need to replace it with one of the more expensive - and more expensive to repair - ball machines that Dyson is marketing today

If you are practically inclined, there's no reason that you cannot keep your DC14 as a quality working appliance for the next 10 or 15 years. You cannot say that about most modern vacuum cleaners.