Why the Dyson DC39, DC40, DC41 and DC50 Universal Tool Adaptor Isn’t.

Dyson and various after-market manufactures make a huge hue and cry about the “universal tool adaptor”, when in fact no such thing exists.

If you have a Dyson DC01, you probably only need the adaptor that suits the Dyson DC01, which is far from “universal” as it only fits the DC01.

If you have a Dyson DC01, you want one of these:


Similarly, there are a host of adaptors suitable for Dyson vacuum cleaners that suit different applications.

Buy a flexi crevice tool or a stubborn dirt tool, and you will get three adaptors in there. One looks like this.


So how can there suddenly be a “universal” adaptor that looks nothing like the previous ones?

It’s  a marketing gimmick is why.

The adaptor/adapter/converter that is sold suddenly as “universal” looks like this:

dyson universal adaptor

And it is nothing of the sort.

What the “universal adaptor” is is an adaptor to convert older Dysons to use newer Dyson tools.

But if you own a Dyson DC04, DC07 or a  DC14, chances are you have no need for the new tools, because the old ones work very well that look like this:


The adaptor that YOU want is likely the one that allows you to use the older Dyson tools above with any one of the following forty or so newer Dyson models.

If you have one of these Dyson models: DC16, DC19T2, DC22, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC26, DC27, DC28, DC29, DC30, DC31, DC32, DC33, DC34, DC35, DC36, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC40, DC41, DC42, DC43, DC44, DC45, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC50, DC51, DC52, DC53, DC54, DC55, DC56, DC58, DC59, DC63, DC65 or DC66…….

You want the Dyson “universal adaptor” that allows you to use your older style Dyson tools with your newer Dyson. Yes, that makes sense doesn’t it?

Except Dyson do not make that adaptor. But it exists, and it looks like this:

Dyson universal adaptor

Oh, you want to know where to get one from? Get one here: >>The Dyson Universal Adaptor That You Actually Want<<<