Where to get a Cheap Dyson DC19T2, DC23, DC26, DC32, DC38 or DC39 Muscle Head Floor Tool

If you have a Dyson canister or cylinder vacuum cleaner (the type you pull along behind you), before very long you are going to find yourself wanting to find a replacement contact head or floor tool.

Cylinder and canister Dyson vacuum cleaners have one of two types of floor head on them. One variant has a vacuum (or sometimes electrically driven) rotating cylindrical brush, and the other type is a dual mode (edge brushes can be deployed by a foot lever) flat head type that doesn’t have rotating brushes. This article refers to the latter type.

Sometimes known as the muscle head, floor tool, cleaner head, flat out tool or pick-up head, we are discussing the rectangular head at the end of the pole that contacts with the floor.

On later Dyson vacuum cleaners; by which I mean machine model designation DC22 through to modern model Cinetic models such as the DC54 and DC63 models, they look like this.

Dyson Muscle Head

Some look like this.

Dyson Flat Out Tool

And some look like this.

altc-head (1)

Individual designs can differ slightly depending which model they were originally supplied for, but they all have one thing in common: They are not cheap!

A glance on Dyson’s website will tell you that a Dyson DC39 cylinder Ball Muscle Head will cost you an eye-watering sixty pounds.

Dyson vacuum cleaners often have one of several types of unique tool fittings on them to stop you from using a generic contact head (as you might find on a Nilfisk or Vax or similar).

Original Dyson floor tools and contact floor heads often look rather flashy, and come in brushed grey and silver hues, but in my opinion they do little that is different to any other contact head on any other similar vacuum cleaner.

However, if you want to replace yours, you don’t want to pay anything like £60 do you? If you bought the machine used, you probably paid less than that for the whole machine.

If you are the owner of one of the following models, you have an alternative: DC19T2 (NOT the normal DC19 – they differ), DC22, DC23, DC26, DC29, DC32, DC36, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC47, DC52, DC53, DC54 (Cinetic) and DC63.

This is it:

After-market Dyson Floor Tool

The underside looks like any other generic contact head.

Dyson replacement Contact Head Floor Tool

The difference with this one is the tool fitting.

Dyson curved tool fitting

If you machine has stair and crevice tools that are of that design (and the models upthread do), this budget contact head will fit your machine and save you up to fifty quid!

There is no earth shattering new technology in there, and we admit that it isn’t going to win any design awards. However, it does simply what vacuum cleaner floor heads have been doing for many years.

However, crucially, this one will fit your Dyson if it has that tool connector on there.

In the spirit of saving the best till last, I can now tell you that it costs under £10 plus a modest £2.99 delivery charge if in the UK (unless you spend over £25 and then delivery is free).

Get one here: Dyson Compatible Contact Head for Late Cylinder Machines