Dyson Mini Turbine & Tangle Tools Demystified

The mini turbo and tangle tools you can get for Dyson vacuum cleaners are sometimes also called mini turbine heads among other things.

Basically, they are pretty similar vacuum-driven little tool heads with a rotating brush bar inside that can be used on furniture and inaccessible areas of carpet that often have a better effect than using a conventional stair or upholstery tool might.

The difficulty for Dyson vacuum owners is that there are that many different ones out there, and Dyson vacuums have so many different tool connectors, people often buy the wrong one and end up wanting to return it.

This is made worse by the fact that Dyson’s own mini turbo tools don’t always fit the machines that they say they do (even they get confused sometimes). Dyson try to market “universal” mini turbo heads that they supply with a myriad of adaptors. For the machines they don’t fit, they simply say “Oh, we don’t support that model any more“.

Here is one they supplied until recently.


And even with all those adaptors, that version doesn’t fit all models.

Here is a newer type called the tangle tool.


Looks smart doesn’t it? Look what it costs.

Dyson tangle tool

Yes indeed. Not much change out of fifty quid there.

Earlier machines had some coloured variants.

Dyson mini turbine head

Generally speaking, there isn’t so much to choose from between them.

But, you must be aware that not all genuine Dyson mini turbine tools will fit all Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Dyson’s insistence at one time to use constantly changing tool fittings, sockets and connectors to reign in the after-market (we assume) did create much confusion as to exactly turbo tool and adaptor what fits what machine.

And there is something else: The price of Dyson’s genuine tools. I don’t want to pay almost £50 to vacuum my stairs. Do you?

Thanks to the highly competent and responsive after-market we have in the UK, there is another way. It doesn’t cost you £45 and  fitment between models is simplified.

Lets start with a pretty standard, well made mini turbo tool like this.

mini-turbo-head (1)

On its own, that turbo tool will fit the following Dyson models:

  • DC01
  • DC02
  • DC03
  • DC04 (Clutched models only. Not for non-clutched grey/green or grey/blue DC04i)
  • DC05

If you have one of those early models of Dyson vacuum cleaner, you can find those here: Dyson compatible mini turbine head

However, that same tool can be used with later Dysons too if the correct Dyson adaptor is used.

DC25 Dyson mini turbo head

And it comes apart for cleaning like so:

DC41 mini turbine tool

That combination of mini turbo tool and adaptor can be used with all the following models: DC16, DC19T2, DC22, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC26, DC27, DC28, DC29, DC30, DC31, DC32, DC33, DC34, DC35, DC36, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC40, DC41, DC42, DC43, DC44, DC45, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC50, DC51, DC52, DC53, DC54, DC55, DC56, DC58, DC59, DC63, DC65 and DC66.

Here it is being used with a DC24.

DC24 mini turbine tool

Although, with hand held models, although they physically fit, be aware that as the motor is so tiny in cordless machines, they may not generate enough suction to drive a mini turbo tool as effectively as you might hope for.

You can get the tool and adaptor from here: Mini Turbo Head DC24 DC25 DC27 DC33 DC40 DC41

While a very long list of compatible models, there are some Dyson owners that will remain unlucky in finding a ‘one size fits all’ mini turbo tool.

If you own a DC05 motorhead, DC08, DC11, DC15, DC18, DC19 standard, DC20 or DC21. None of the solutions offered will suit you. Because the tool sockets on those machines are unique.

If the mini turbine tool and adaptor combo fits your machine, you will not be spending forty or fifty quid. You will be spending less than half that.