Where to get a mini turbo (turbine) head for the DC07, DC14, DC15 and DC18.

For some time people have been bemoaning that there is no reasonably priced mini turbine tool available for some Dyson models.

The models not catered for up to now have been the lime green and grey DC04 (without a clutch), the DC07, DC14, DC15 Ball, and DC18.

People ideally want to use one of these:

DC15 mini Turbine Head

But no adaptor was available that allowed the non-clutched DC04, DC07, DC14, DC15 or DC18 to use that tool.

But now there is. And here it is!

Dc18 mini turbine tool

Here we see the mini turbine head being used on a DC14 hose as an example.

DC14 mini turbine head

The mini turbine heads are great to use. They have an air-driven turbine that removes pet hair and dirt from places like upholstery, stairs and inside the car.

The stiff nylon bristles on the brush roll rotate at high speed to agitate the carpet pile and dislodge dust and dirt. Slide-action rubber teeth help catch fine hair and fibres, and release them into the airflow where they are sucked away into your Dyson.

The cover on the mini turbine head is made from clear plastic, so you can see that the brush bar is spinning properly and actually watch it in action. Better yet, it strips down for easy cleaning in just a few easy twists.

Dyson charge an eye-watering £45 for their mini turbine head or tangle tool! Why not save over £30 with one of these?

Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it?

You can get one here: >>Mini Turbo Turbine Head DC01, DC04 (Green/Grey) DC07 DC14 DC15 DC18<<