Dyson Service & Repair in Stockport, Hyde & Glossop

Looking for Dyson service or repair in Stockport, Hyde or Glossop?

When looking to have a Dyson repaired, many people seek out one of these “Dyson repairs in your home” type companies. This can often be a bad idea and here is why.

When someone comes to repair your Dyson in your home in, for example, Stockport, Glossop, Hyde (or anywhere), you are captive. The bloke is stood in your front room and it can feel like there is little choice but to go ahead at any price he quotes you.

Further, many of these “Dyson repair at home” people have a very bad reputation for ripping you off. Many have been on BBC Watchdog; you can read more about that >>here<<.

Also, as there upwards of 50 models of Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is impossible for a man in a little van to carry enough parts that every model he encounters is likely to need. For that, you need a Dyson specialist.

In the Manchester area, there is one Dyson shop that has stood the test of time: Manchester Vacs. They have been in the same location for years, they carry almost everything, and as manufacturers as well, they also have many exclusive parts you simply wont get anywhere else. >>Hear the radio advertisement<<.

Dyson Service Stockport

Over time, many little copycat outfits have sprung up in the surrounding areas, in places like Stockport, Stalybridge, Hyde and Glossop. Many of these people claim to be “ex-Dyson engineers” (they are not).  They come and go. As micro-enterprises, you don’t know who they are, what electrical qualifications they have (if any) or what skill they possess to repair your machine properly.

Many people find it worth the short extra drive to get their Dyson repaired at Manchester Vacs. Located close to Wright Robinson School in Abbey Hey, Gorton, they are easy to reach from Stockport, Hyde or Glossop. In fact, >>here is a map with opening times<<.

So if you are looking for Dyson service or repair in Stockport, Brinnington, Cale Green, Cheadle Heath, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Gatley, Hazel Grove, Davenport, Edgeley, Great Moor, Heaviley, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Offerton, Reddish, Shaw Heath, Stepping Hill, Woodsmoor, Hyde, Gee Cross, Newton, Hattersley, Godley, Flowery Field, Kingston, Denton, Mottram in Longdendale, Hollingworth, Broadbottom, Glossop, Stalybridge, Charlesworth, Hadfield, Gamesley or Tintwistle – Manchester Vacs is closer than you think! 

When considering Dyson service & repair, consider using the professionals at Manchester Vacs. And enjoy peace of mind that the job will be done right, on time and for a reasonable price.

Manchester Vacs – the original Manchester Dyson shop.