The Biggest Independent Dyson Spares Supplier in the North Just Got Bigger

Already Dyson Medic’s recommended parts supplier, the famous Manchester Vacs has moved to much more spacious premises, making them the largest independent specialist Dyson spare parts supplier in the north of England and Scotland.

Manchester Vacs is not a startup; if you are  Dyson owner, you have probably bought spares from them on Amazon or eBay already. They were at their previous address on nearby Abbey Hey Lane in Gorton for almost a decade.

A traditional family business; a family with roots in retail and local businesses in Manchester, Stockport and Tameside that goes back to the mid 1970’s.

Rather than employ staff who know little of the product as many retail park companies do (that we all find tedious), everyone at Manchester Vacs owns a Dyson (often more than one) and uses it at home. It is so rare nowadays to encounter staff in a shop who actually know about the products they deal with.

The iconic British Dyson vacuum cleaner brand needs little introduction. What many people don’t know about Dyson vacuums is they are like old cars: You can refurbish them virtually indefinitely (older models anyway).

By selling reconditioned Dyson machines, Manchester Vacs is not only making cost-effective Dyson vacuum cleaners available to all. By dismantling and recycling many old Dysons each year to harvest the spare parts, they are keeping many old Dysons out of tips; which is rather green. And we all like green nowadays don’t we?

This business relocation coincides with Manchester Vacs becoming approved Sebo agents. Sebo being the best brand of German made, hand-built vacuum cleaner you can get. Sebo vacuums are more commonly used in places such as clinics and hospitals, hotels and offices, cruise liners and other commercial environments.

The building they have relocated to is only a short hop from the old one. A well-known local landmark that was once a pub called the Bull’s Head; now renamed the Bull’s Head Building.

Bull's Head Reddish

The Bull’s Head Building is an iconic former pub/hotel sitting on Reddish Lane/Gorton Road that straddles the boundaries of Denton (Tameside), Gorton (Manchester) and Reddish (Stockport), and is a well-known local landmark.

The Bull’s Head building has had some ups and downs over the years. Around 2011 there was a proposal to turn it into a Mosque. Following a petition on Stockport Council’s website, a large social media campaign and demonstrations outside by the BNP featuring Nick Griffin stood outside, the idea was quietly withdrawn.

The building stood derelict for several years until Manchester Vacs took it over last year. They have been refurbishing it since late last year, and it opened to the Dyson and Sebo vacuum owners of Tameside, Manchester and Stockport on Saturday the 27th of February 2016.

The launch party was covered by local Tameside Radio who did a live outside broadcast there for the day, and there was also a TV film crew there.

Bull's Head Dyson Reddish

The official opening ceremony was performed by TV’s Gordon Burns (ex North West tonight, Granada Reports, World in Action and Krypton Factor).

Bull's Head Dyson Reddish

It seems he also found a few minutes to relax before proceedings began while having his own Dyson repaired.

The residents of Manchester, Stockport, Tameside and nearby districts are now well-served for Dyson vacuum cleaner repairs, reconditioned Dyson machines and new Sebo vacuum cleaners.

Bulls Head Reddish Dyson

For those having a “while-you-wait” repair, you can even chill out on a sofa, have a coffee from the machine, and check out the Dyson museum, which has some of the very rarest Dyson machines from the early days of Dyson.

Bulls Head Reddish Dyson

For those who are not in the north west, you can buy all your spare parts, filters, hoses and consumables from Manchester Vacs. Their selection of Dyson spares far exceeds what Dyson make available to the public, and they carry a lot of old, pattern, genuine and otherwise unobtainable Dyson spare parts.

The online Dyson spare parts shop at Manchester Vacs gives customers access to a highly innovative predictive search feature allowing them to find the parts they need with ease. Delivery is free on all UK orders over £25. They have also reduced many prices across the store and now stand head and shoulders as one of the most competitive Dyson spare parts specialists on the internet.

You can shop online for Dyson spare parts with Manchester Vacs here: >Dyson Spare Parts<

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