New Dyson DC04 Spares Available: The Wand Cap and Wand Handle Release Clip.

Several years back, Dyson decided to discontinue all parts and service support and spares supply for the Dyson DC04 as Dyson Medic announced here: Dyson Are Ending Parts & Service Support for the DC04 Range.

Since then, the availability of Dyson DC04 spare parts hasn’t yet become critical due to the very competent aftermarket that exists, some spare parts are starting to become a bit thin on the ground to obtain new now though.

For this reason, it’s always very pleasing when new lines of Dyson DC04 spares become available to buy from the aftermarket. Why? It means Dyson DC04 vacuum cleaners will continue to be fixed and even fewer of the thousands out there will end up in landfill.

The DC04 was an excellent vacuum cleaner, and one simple and worthwhile repairing.

It was announced not long ago that DC04 wand handles will be launched shortly, and in advance of that, two components from the wand are already available now.

The wand handle release catch:

Dyson DC04 Wand Release Catch


And the swivelling wand cap:

Dyson DC04  Wand Cap Swivel


The wand release catches and the swivelling wand cap being made available in grey solve the issue of colour-matching between the different models.

The wand handle release catches fit all models:

Dyson DC04 Wand Release Catches


As do the upper wand caps.

Dyson DC04 Wand Cap


Not many people know that there are two different types of original wand top caps, one had a spring fitted, and one did not.

This new version that is now available fits both variants.

Where to buy? 

Dyson DC04 Wand Release Catches

You can buy the wand release catches on eBay >>here<<, on Amazon>>here<< or from Manchester Vacs >>here<<.

Dyson DC04 Wand Handle Top Caps

You can buy the wand caps on eBay >>here<<, on Amazon >>here<< or from Manchester Vacs >>here<<.

It’s always great news when the aftermarket responds to consumer demand for a particular spare part that the original manufacturer has chosen to discontinue.

Do you have an idea for a spare part from a domestic appliance that you would buy but is no longer available? If so, you may want to read >>this article<<.