Dyson DC04 Wand Handle – Not Obsolete Any More! Where To Buy.

Want a Dyson DC04 wand handle?

Everyone “out of stock?”

You are in the right place.

The Dyson DC04, released in 1998, was one of Dyson’s best-selling machines ever. Many thousands still exist today.

The pre-motor filter was washable and was located in the top of the cyclone assembly.

The tools stored on the top of the filter housing. Most models (apart from green/lime and the “Constant Max” models) also featured the new clutch controlled brushbar first introduced on the DC03.

We call such machines “clutched” machines.  These are they:


Dyson – in their wisdom – discontinued all parts supply for the DC04 a few years ago.

As with cars and vans, you can buy a “genuine” spare part for £18 or an “Aftermarket” one for £9. They both do the same thing (often made in the same factory – we call that OEM) but one costs less and comes in a different box.

We see the same with vacuum parts. When the original manufacturer stops making them, very often an after-market manufacturer will make them instead if there is some demand.

This is why you can still buy parts for 1970s Hoover Juniors and other aged vacuums and appliances.

Now the DC04 wand handle has finally been made after-market, so is available once again to everyone.

Here they are:wandstrade1-500x500The new DC04 wand handles are standard grey with generic silver fittings (which can be swapped over with your original fittings if you care about these things) and replaces these variants:


It only fits these versions of the DC04:

  • DC04 Standard (Grey/Yellow)
  • DC04 Absolute (Purple/Green)
  • DC04 Absolute (Grey/Purple/Yellow)
  • DC04 DeStijl (Red/Purple/Yellow)
  • DC04 Limited Edition (Purple/Magenta)
  • DC04 Zorbster (Grey/Lavender)

This wand handle DOES NOT fit these non-clutched models despite looking similar:

  • Does NOT fit DC04 Grey and Green (also called Silver/Lime)
  • Does NOT fit DC04 Constant Max (Silver and Orange)
  • Does NOT fit DC04 Independent (Grey and Light blue)

If you need a non-clutched wand >>look here<<.

So where to buy one of these spiffy new Dyson DC04 wand handles?

You can find them cheapest >>here<<, but for those who prefer to use third party platforms, they are >>here on eBay<< and >>here on Amazon<<. Trade can buy in 5s >>here<<.

Why throw quality old Dyson vacuums away when you can buy the spare parts?