Manchester Vacs Vacuum Cleaner & Appliance Forums Newsletter – 2018

As a member of the Manchester Vacs vacuum cleaner and appliance forums, we just wanted to take an opportunity to bring you up to date with a few topics you may find of interest on our forums and some general site and product news. It has been a very long time since we sent out a forum newsletter, so we thought one was long overdue.

The Forum Has Changed Direction a Little:

When the forums were first started a few years ago, they were almost all about Dyson vacuums. As the forums have grown and matured, we now have rooms covering Sebo vacuums, Miele, Hoover, Vintage and other vacuums and general appliances.

When Manchester Vacs first started we were only Dyson specialists. We are now approved agents for Sebo vacuums (a superb German brand you may not be familiar with) so now specialise in those too. Our sister site The Sebo Shop is where you can buy everything Sebo and if you want to learn about Sebo you can do so here: All About Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

We would like to give you a few links to some of our recent popular forum topics.

Current Hot Topics:

How to choose a vacuum cleaner – an excellent article written in the context that Dyson are no longer developing corded vacuum cleaners. It also discusses the benefits of bags (yes, bags are still a thing – and with good reason) and after reading it you’ll know more about vacuums than most of your friends.

A Close Look at the Year 2000 Dyson DC06 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – the Dyson DC06 was a robotic vacuum cleaner never properly launched by Dyson dating from around the year 2000. Google will mostly show you only studio shots from the time. We can show you close up photos of one in our shop. The DC06 is as rare as hens teeth!

Dyson DC06
A new in the box Dyson DC04 we acquired today – it’s not often twenty year old Dysons crop up new in the box. But that’s exactly what landed in our vacuum museum today. Check the topic for close up photos.

Dyson DC04
Sebo X4 Extra – Stripdown and Refurbishment – Here on our forums, the well-known vacuum guru Beko1987 (aka Sam Watson) details the full strip down and rebuild of a Sebo X4 with photos.

Vintage Appliance Advertisements and Brochure Archive – Like vintage advertisements? There are some great ones here from days gone by.

Vintage Hoover
Dyson vacuum cleaner model number index – Dyson vacuum cleaner model numbers can be a confusing array of numbers and letters. We publish this Dyson model range glossary in order that the Dyson vacuum cleaner model codes might be demystified somewhat. With photos – MUCH better than Wikipedia. Ever heard of the new Dyson V4? You will have when you have read that topic.

Dyson Launch the New V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – The V10 is Dyson’s best cordless to date without a doubt. However, can it replace corded vacuums as they claim? We don’t think so. Watch our live V10 run time video to see how long the V10 really lasts.

Dyson V10
Interesting New Products:

If you have a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, you may not be keen on the idea of drilling the wall to mount it. We now exclusively sell freestanding cordless vacuum stands suitable for your Dyson cordless. No more drilling walls!

On the subject of your Dyson cordless, if you have a new V7, V8 or V10 you may have noticed that your old tools no longer fit. We have solved that with our adaptor set. With our adaptors, even tools from your 1995 DC01 will fit your new generation Dyson cordless. Why not check out our explanatory topic and video to find out more.

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The Manchester Vacs Team.