Dyson and Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in Manchester

If you’re looking for Dyson repairs in Manchester or Sebo repairs in Manchester, we can point you in the right direction.

Vacuum cleaner repairs are something that attracts a lot of cowboys. Anyone can set themselves up as a ‘vacuum repair service’, and fill their social media and website pages with content that is often copied and pasted from elsewhere, and hey presto, they’re in business.

In the Manchester area, there’s a very small handful of good vacuum repair shops and quite a few charlatans. A Jack of all trades from Facebook having a stab at fixing your £300 Sebo or Dyson in his garage at home or in the back of a hardware shop isn’t ideal. Many of these people purport to be “ex Dyson engineers”, we’d say that unless you see proof of that, assume it’s a porky pie.

Worst still is the ‘repair in your home’ people. For sure, you may get the odd one that is competent and experienced, but many of them are again unqualified Jacks of all trades.

Again this isn’t ideal. Some unknown bloke taking your Sebo or Dyson to pieces all over your living room floor carpet is risky. Is he likely to have any and all of the spare parts he might need in his van? How can he? What if your Sebo or Dyson is in bits all over the floor and he then tells you it will be £200, thanks very much. And you’re a captive now with your machine in bits and a man on your setee drinking your coffee.

Better than a general vacuum cleaner repair shop is a specialist vacuum cleaner repair shop. One that specialises in your brand of vacuum cleaner. For Sebo and Dyson repairs in Manchester, that would be Manchester Vacs.

Manchester Vacs are the largest Sebo and Dyson specialist in the North West.

For Sebo repairs in Manchester, you’re well covered. They are a Sebo-approved service centre and official Sebo agents. As well as Sebo repairs, they sell new and reconditioned Sebos along with all accessories and spare parts.

For Dyson repairs in Manchester, you’re also in safe hands. They’ve been fixing Dysons since the 1990’s and have featured on radio and TV too. This segment from BBC Breakfast was done in Manchester Vacs.

BBC Breakfast at Manchester Vacs

For Sebo repairs in Manchester or Dyson repairs in Manchester, Manchester Vacs is your one-stop-shop.

You can go to their repair information page by clicking the button below.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on their >find us page<.

If you’re not local to Manchester and need Sebo spare parts, you can buy from them online >here<.

If you’re not local to Manchester and need Dyson spare parts, you can buy from them online from them >here<.